‘I Could Have Listened to You All Night.’ (Save the Date!)

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Not only was the writing amazing but the delivery:  I could have listened to you all night.” Jeannine Taylor, Kawartha NOW

This is kind of a sneaky way to get in a not so humble brag for my new play  The Year of Suddenly.

After several weeks of writing and rehearsing, I got to present a portion of this new piece to a packed house at the Market Hall Theatre in Peterborough on Saturday night, for Paul’s Left Ball’s comedy show. This show is produced annually by the amazingly talented Linda Kash. ( remember when she was the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel? Plus she stars in Fargo.)  to honour her late husband Paul O’Sullivan.

The night was filled with music and improv.

Plus I got to hear the play out loud in front of an audience. Nothing will tell you faster if something works.

The response was good indeed.

The Year of Suddenly is a bit different for me.

It deals with the moment when life changes on a dime and suddenly, you are called to stop stalling and forgive family.  I asked Linda to be my director because we have worked together many times before and she knows  first hand about ‘Suddenlies:  She lost her talented husband Paul in a car accident 5 years ago, and  had to go on raising their 3 kids.

When I approached her about the work I knew she would understand what I wanted to say. That there is a messiness to life and death. And that we are called to look past diagnosis and into our existential reason we are here. Its about forgiving, and swearing and bargaining and trusting.

And I knew she could walk the fine line between humour and pain.  She calls the piece: ” raw, honest and deadly funny.” And I am grateful we get to work together for the next month for the Toronto premiere:

Toronto Shows are end of May 2017 John Candy Box Theatre. 

May 27th.  @7:30 pm.

May 28th  @1:30 pm.

This is a small venue so I suggest if you are interested please buy early

Because we are donating the profit to Kensington Hospice we are raising money to cover the costs of this show. If you can or want to help we would be very grateful. GOFUNDME

If you want to be corporate sponsor with signage or to buy ads for the program contact me: Thanks!!

xxo Deborah

P.S. Off to Winnipeg Comedy Festival this weekend to tape a gala for CBC TV.  The theme is  “Neighbours: Good and Bad.  I had a ball writing this one. I  will be taping it at 9:30 pm Friday night. I will be taping CBC Radio’s Debaters on Sat @ 1;30 pm.

Please Send good vibes. I will keep you posted on when they go to air.


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