Take Back Your Dang Senior Discount.

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Take Back Your Senior Discount.

A few years back I was at the cash register at the pharmacy when I looked at the receipt, and the clerk had given me 10% off.

“What’s this?” I asked.

And in her perky voice she said, “Oh actually, that’s the senior’s discount.”

“Well, actually I’m not a senior. I’m ONLY 54!

 “Actually, at this store, we give it to you earlier.”

Then I got defensive.

“Actually, that’s ridiculous. What if you did that with the drinking age? 19 one place? 18, another?”

And then she rolled her eyes at me, the eye-roll that all of society would be giving me once I took that discount.

 It a lot like when you’re in the Bay and they ask you to go the PLUS section.

“I am sorry mam. Your ass is scaring the Petites. Security will escort you down the escalator to the basement- to the land of stretchable waistbands.

I was being culled from the herd. ( CLICK HERE FOR CD!!)

So, I said to the clerk, Take it back.”

Have you ever tried to give back a senior discount?

Cashier: “Actually, I need my calculator.”

Me: “Actually-It’s ten percent- all you have to do is move a decimal point. “

She starts crying, “I’m only the manager on Fridays.” I have an urban planning degree from U of T.”

Well, by the time I got to my car, I felt so ashamed of myself. Here she was nice gal just trying to get by in the service industry.

So I went back in and she was still standing at the cash crying, talking to herself.

And I am 30 and I am still in an open relationship.”

So, I go up to her and say, “Look I’m sorry. I was rude. I just feel more and more invisible each day.”

And then she walked off like I didn’t exist.

That’s called Ghosting.

Ghosting, you know when you text your kids and they act like they didn’t get it?

This experience inspired me to write another one-person show. That one incident inspired a lot of live shows, a CBC Radio special and finally my own comedy CD produced by the amazing Howl and Records!

If you’d like to hear the whole CD listen here.


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Nov 16th, Tamworth Legion FEW TICKETS LEFT.

( Mark Oliver has some as well: Email him at @moliver@bell.net)

Nov 22nd,  2019 Nursing Association: How to Communicate Better Workshop ( private)

Nov 22 Klusterfork 8 pm. Peterborough ( A Christmas Improv Show Market Hall)

Sat Nov 30th, 2019! 10-2pom Beaches Memoir Writing Workshop. PM me.

Feb, 8th 2019, 7:30 pm Tir Nan Nog Theatre, Bowen Island, BC!

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