Here are Deborah Kimmett’s Tour Dates For Fall 2019 Book soon!

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   (This newsletter includes fall tour information and for a great keynote for your next event scroll down to bottom)

As @Kim  Pollard and I prepare for this fall tour, we got a lovely email from the executive producer at CBC Radio, Joan Melanson:

“Our tech Doug has recorded a lot of shows and last night he said this was one of the best. I laughed so hard I was crying and that felt so good! The show was a bit of much- needed light in these relentlessly depressing days.” Joan Melanson Producer, CBC Radio.

Please come see us on Sept 29th at 2 pm at John Candy Box Office!

This show is getting so much traction and on Sept 29th it helps benefit my favourite organization, Sistering that helps women get off the street. This inclusive safe space allows women to be championed as they transition from the street to permanent housing! We have VIP tickets (for those of you that have been blessed with extra dough) and there are regular 30 dollar tickets.

Where are we this fall?

Sept 29th, 2019 John Candy Box Theatre. FEW TICKETS HERE

October 9th, Accent Toronto, CBC Radio. Danforth Music Hall.

October 9th my new CD drops! For sale online @ Howl and Roar Records Sirius, CD Baby. Facebook Live!

October 25th, Private Event in Elmhirst Inn.

October 26th, Empire Theatre Belleville. Buy Tickets Here

November 2nd, 2019 Stouffville 19th on Park, BUY HERE

November 16th, Tamworth, Ontario. BUY HERE



As a business leader or owner does it feel like the change will never end?  Do you wonder if all this uncertainty will do you in?

We used to be able to plan for futures in long term visions. These days, the plan changes on a dime, which means we are often required to make changes so quickly, it can create a lot of heart-stopping anxiety.

In the keynote, That Which Doesn’t Make You Funnier I will teach you and your team how to use improvisation skills to manage the pressures of change and the need for constant innovation.

See, I believe it’s not just a matter of saying yes to more things.

I believe it’s about saying yes to the right things.  Using hilarious stories and hands-on examples I will show you how to access the dynamic energy of your team to help problem solve. And keep your sense of humour while you are at it.

You will walk away inspired, energized and ready to face challenges, with a smile on your face.

If you are interested in this keynote or my other offerings give me a shout at