Wow, was I inspired at Inspiration2Women!

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I had the privilege of being at the Greater Kingston’s Chamber of Commerce for the first ever Inspiration2Women at the K Rock Centre.  Some might think that after all this time women wouldn’t need their own day, but the truth is they do.

On the evolutionary scale, women have come a long way in a very short time. Think of how life was even 20 years ago for women.  Even how life still is today for many women.  Yes, we have come a long way baby BUT as evidenced by nearly a thousand ordinary women in attendance we still need to be inspired.

So many women told me how important it was for them to be there.

It might have been they were at some major turning point in life. Or they were drained and needed to fill up the empty well. Many said a day like this came at just the right time in their lives. One woman’s mom had died the day before.  It was her salute to a 94 year-old mother who encouraged her to live an authentic life. Another was an addiction councilor who was experiencing caregiver burn out and needed to be lifted up.

And lifted we were.

The day kicked off with money maven Gail VazOxlade delivering the straight up goods about getting right with your money. ( Gail got a laugh when she said sex toys can be in the categories in your budget. I decided that for my accountant’s sake I would hide it in the medical dental category.) Susan Sly gave an hour power talk on how to strike life balance. Susan’s central theme was listen to your gut. This was tested a couple of weeks ago at the Boston Marathon where she narrowly missed the bombing at the finish line.

In the afternoon, Catriona La May Doan, Canada’s sweetheart Olympian Gold medal winner in speed skating, had us laughing and crying over her inspirational life. Yes, that girl looks good in Lycra. ( my fave line went something like this, “You can tell how much I was into skating because I married the Zamboni driver.”)

The finishing touch was the HGTV host and all around innovative designer,  Sarah Richardson who wrapped up the day with a slide show of her vision for life and business with a few peaks at some home make-overs.( I know many women were taking notes on how to make a fixer upper into home beautiful for very little bucks–which would have made the first speaker Gail Vaz Oxlade very happy.)

The gals on the stage are woman at the top of their game, but the real inspiration was in the audience. Ordinary women who were reaching for better vistas or perhaps attending so they can be reminded of how fabulous they already are.

So yes I was inspired. And I believe every once in awhile its good to have a giant communal time out to laugh, cry and receive a chiropractic adjustment of the mind- so that we can go back out and shine the light on the world.

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