The Learning I Did In 2017 (Plus My Upcoming Tour Dates)

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2017 had a lot to teach me.
See I hit 60 and since I am in good health,  I thought I would put myself out there in ways that I hadn’t for a while.
And if not now when?
I did a lot of asking. And there was a lot of not getting.
Like, I showed my serious writing to people. I got kudos and I got a lot of good but here are the edits and changes and do-overs. 
I did some film acting again. I was in a small movie. I auditioned twice and I worked at it for 2 weeks.
I moved into a home to live with friends. This helped me be more creative as I had less costs and I had to learn to be a roommate again.
In 2017, I asked for an acting agent. (At 60 I thought I’d start being famous. LOL.)  I didn’t get one, yet.
I applied for the Toronto Fringe and I didn’t get in.
I wrote a play about my brother, Kevin, called The Year of The Suddenly, ( At the Grand Theatre in April 2018) It was written with love but the week before it opened I also got a cease and desist letter for that play. My creative team of angels helped me edit and stay on point as I told my truth in 3 different cities.
I got to be on the CBC Debaters a couple more times. I was asked to be on Winnipeg Comedy Festival. The Festival was the best time ever.  Such a great time with a group of hilarious people. Yet, in the editing my set got cut because of length so it won’t be on TV.
I developed my new Flying Solo Writing Workshops at Second City.
I developed a kick ass gig featuring my new comedy on aging. Then was told no one wanted to see it.
I wrote a new talk on Storytelling! This enabled me to have one of the busiest speaking schedules in years but it also resulted in saying a few things on stage that offended some people. I got let go of an important contract. I was floored. Then I was offended by them being offended. Then I pushed my ego aside and got curious.  “How can I make this right? ” I apologized and still they did not renew my work.
I made amends for the offence and I trust it will be worked out by whatever loving force there is in this old universe.
That is the partial list of my learning. Of WHAT I did.
But what I am interested in telling you, is who I was in these circumstances.
I was a person pushing past old fears and doubts.  Sometimes it was fun, and other times it was hard.  It garnered so many rewards. I was able to celebrate my life and also be aware of some of terrible defects-like that of comparing myself to others.
I was a person who rested, who had fun. And I was a person who was full of gratitude and service.
I was curious to ask,

What is underneath the mind’s chatter?

Why am I still holding onto these limiting beliefs?

I was a person who letting go of the old press releases.
I don’t know about you, but I can look good on paper!
But the REAL press release is the one that comes a knocking at 3 am!
The one that wakes you up out of a deep sleep and pokes at you and says
“Am you being the person you are called to be? Are you acting from your deepest calling?”
Sometimes I was a person who released the fears. Other times I was one who spent the rest of the night defending my right to be outraged.
In 2017 I was able to come back to the moment quicker than I did in 2016.  By returning to my breath and staying in touch with my own inner wisdom.
 You know that place?

That quiet place that waits to guide you.

And on the days,  I wasn’t that person, I was one who piggy backed on the inner wisdom of my pals. My colleagues who were where I wanted to be.
I got to chat. To text.  To say, “I don’t know how to get past this! Can you help me?”
( I don’t know about you, but I love to tell people what I know! But my opinions get me in so so much trouble.)
But in 2017, I was someone who re-learned that it is in the “I don’t know” where I receive my greatest gifts.
In other words, life was coaching me every step of the way through every minute of 2017!
So yes, 2017 schooled, me.  I hope in 2018 you and I will continue to be schooled.
For being teachable is the point at which we get freedom!
Be well,


Baby Grand Theatre, Kingston April 5-8th. Tickets on sale January 12th.