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I cut my teeth as a performer and writer at the The Second City Theatre in Toronto.
The mecca of Improvisation.
They taught me the  power of YES.
Say yes and everything moves forward.
The scene, the relationship, your life.
Really, Deb?
Its the basis for my work as a motivational speaker, a writer and writing coach.
And even if  the ‘yes’ cracks you in half and the boss downsizes you and the relationship dumps you and you’re eating Poutine on the corner asking the street musician when he’s off work. (yes I am talking to you guy playing guitar at Bloor and Yonge) a yes pushes you forward to the life you want to have.
What are you waiting for?
You are a creative soul. You’ve got a good life going for you–just keep reaching for the lovely. Say yes to the true you.

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