The Reviews From Chip Off The Old Writers Block Workshops

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Deb’s workshop was a big gift I gave to myself. From the moment she picked us all up from the ferry docks, I was treated to a full day of self-expression, creativity, and the sheer joy one gets from honestly sharing with like-minded people who just want to expand. It was like a mani-pedi for the mind. You’ll love it! Linda Kash, actress and writer“


When I left your workshop my mind was swirling with ideas. Your reminder to continue to ask “What if ?” about every detail was a strong reminder to lose ingrained assumptions. The day was very stimulating and I can apply the same questioning to my work as a visual artist to enhance creativity. Linda Williams, sculptress

Deb Kimmett may be best known as a comic and motivational speaker, but spend a day with her and you may suspect (as I do) that she was actually born to write. Her writing workshop, infused with humour and the wisdom of a lifetime of writing, is a treat for writers at any stage of the journey.” Maureen McDonald Gauld

For many years, I have attempted to write but always got stuck starting. Your class was amazing. The idea that I could just do it
and not worry about grammar or spelling was right on plus all the ideas to make the juices flow have started on a wonderful trip of memory and discovery. Thank you so much! I can’t wait for the next workshop. Shirley Miller, watercolour artist

Deborah Kimmett’s workshop broke through a year-long blank that I couldn’t seem to approach. I’d more or less given up on the whole writing idea, but thought it would be fun to visit the island and see what emerged. The island is a very special place, it’s true, but the workshop itself was the gentle magic I needed to allow myself to write again. I haven’t stopped! Rachel Atlas, French teacher

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14 Responses to “The Reviews From Chip Off The Old Writers Block Workshops”

  1. kanwal

    Thanks for an awesome writing intensive!


    I walked away with a renewed commitment to staying connected to my voice on the page!


    I am less ashamed of seeing things with my ‘immigrant’s eye’ 🙂


    Will appreciate if you could forward some new writing exercises for my continued development.


  2. Afenn

    You are hilarious. Why aren’t you famous, I loved the workshop. Best teacher I had. Anne Fenn, Screenwriter Toronto.

  3. Maria S

    After the workshop I reread what I have written in wonderment that these words poured so freely with a gentle nudge from Deb. It was like she offered the glass and I poured in the elixir. I still wonder how my life brewed it! Thanks for being the magician for releasing it out of this prison of self doubt!

  4. Denise Gushue

    Deborah’s workshop is not just for those that want to write but also for those that want to connect to or express their inner self. It wasn’t about the techniques of writing as it was about how to access your story telling abilities. And, we all have stories to tell we just need to know how to tap into it and put pen to paper.Thanks to Deborah I now know that I look for the story within and the more personal it is the more universal it is.

    Denise Gushue
    Certified Travel Counsellor

  5. Paulettebatchilder

    The writing workshop was fabulous! I
    have never taken a writing workshop before, but I have had the
    experience of a group of like minded ladies working to a common goal
    and something magical always happens! The incentive to improve my
    writing skills stems from from the fact that I host two websites: and   Deborah Kimmett inspires me
    to just sit down and write what needs to be written. 

  6. Robin

    The Writer’s Workshop was fantastic – one of the best retreats I have been on.  Deb is so knowledgeable, skilled and funny!  I learned so much and I feel like I have been given an amazing gift.  I left feeling very inspired and validated.  The writing exercises were terrific and I am looking forward to writing, writing and more writing!!  Thanks so much!

  7. Kim

    Deborah Kimmet’s writing workshop was inspirational. I  learned to dodge my  self imposed critic to generate a  creative flow of ideas, experiences and emotions with words I didn’t know I had. I left with permission to play, to write, and moreover to create  from the deeper parts of my  being. Three generations of women on an island , a feast for the senses, lots of laughter and intense writing.  I am broken open… Thanks So Much

  8. Joan Doane

    Your style is wonderful, Deborah, and I will recommend to all and sundry that they go to one of your workshops. It was not only a fun day of skill-building but a great way to connect with other writers. Thanks again, and you’ve gained another loyal follower of your blog.

  9. Deborah Jarvis

    It was a wonderful day full of sunshine, creativity and learning. Deb’s energy and commitment to her students is inspiring and you come away from her workshops with real tools to help you move forward in your writing and break through barriers and obstacles that block you. Highly recommended for any level of writer or artist wishing to get the creative juices flowing in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.  

  10. Robyn Cakebread

    Deborah is a wonderful inspiration. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge, skill and talent. The day was a perfect balance of fun and work. I have so many amazing tools and tips now and I feel very well prepared to move forward writing.

  11. Goodasgould

    Deborah Kimmett’s workshop was anamazing trip to the juicy corners of

    my creative brain. It was though she was a skilled literary midwife

    helping me bring out the latent ideas and untold stories I have

    harboured for years. Rave on Deb, you’ve got a gift from God for

    bringing out humour and creativity. And Gus was the mellow footnote

    that brought calm to the energy that was zinging around.

  12. Svalks

    Just had my first taste of a Deborah writing workshop!  First taste of any ‘writing’ workshop!  Was very affirming, encouraging, and thoughtful and fun all rolled into one glorious day.  And Yarker location is marvellous, along with the delicious fare from the Tea Room.
    Thanks for a truly delightful heaping helping of your wit and wisdom.


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