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  1. Do you dream of writing a book, a memoir, or a play?
  2. Do you  keep saying you’ll write your stories later when you have the time?
  3. And when there is time, you clean the toilet, surf the Internet, do anything to avoid sitting down and working on the stories you have in your head?

If this sounds like you maybe I can help. As a writer of 30 years, I’ve not only created award-winning plays, books and one-woman shows, but I know the challenge of writing and I have had the honour of mentoring hundreds of writers like you. People who want to write their stories, people who long to call themselves a writer. My Seven Minute Writer System is a guaranteed technique I developed over the past twenty years of coaching writers. Whatever stage of the journey you are at, it can help you push past the doubt, write from the right side of the brain, let go of perfectionism and cultivate trust in your unique creative voice.


1) Out the Doubt: move past your inner critic.

2) Develop Tourist Eyes: Use the here and now for inspiration.

3)  Come to Your Senses: Use the 5 senses to make your writing work from the intuitive all knowing part of your self.

4) A coach that cultivates trust in YOUR story: that’s me.


Four ways you & I can work together:

  1.  ONE DAY WRITERS  RETREAT OCTOBER 18th TORONTO: All the basic tips of the Seven Minute Writer’s system condensed into one day that will get your creative juices flowing. Work in person at the beautiful Red Canoe Studios. Grab your chair and click the pic below:

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        3) THE SEVEN MINUTE WRITER STARTER KIT: A downloadable do-it-yourself kit. To get you past your doubt, get the Seven Minute Writer system in place.  Self contained, a work-at-your-own-pace product, that is a real steal. CLICK HERE: 

Download Seven Minute Writer