The Year of The Suddenly Hits Toronto and Madoc in October! Book Now!

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October 25th in Madoc.  Oct 28th, Toronto.

Please join me this October for the hilarious story of family and the love and compassion that
chronicles the aftermath of a life changing moment.
This show has been
touring to a growing audience of supporters.

After the show in Peterborough on Sunday a 98 year old woman said, “This is NOT about grief its a deep look at the human condition.  Plus its damn funny. ”

Nichol Robertson, my wonderful musician  and I worked out the music and comedy. Linda Kash has brought each moment beautifully.

 I’d love you to see this labour of love.

Sunday OCT 28 @2pm In Toronto  Buy TICKETS NOW

Directed by Linda Kash.

Musicial Genius: Nichol Roberston.


“This show is about a brother and a sister … it’s all about family and how we treat each other.”

“Deborah Kimmetts incredible performance, delicious writing. This show was delightful and the whole audience was with you the whole way, every dip, dive and suddenly. Thank you!    Dale Mugford  ( Double Barrel Studios-Hamilton)

Deborah Kimmetts new show Year of the Suddenly is funny, touching and kinda brilliant. ( Dan Redican: Actor, writer. Puppets That Kill, Sunnyside.)

Best show I have seen in awhile. I want to tell all my students to see this as its the perfect monologue.  Kevin Frank. Artistic Director Second City.

A really fine piece of work. Very funny, very compelling and very moving. (Robin Craig ( Actress: Anne of Green Gables Wind at My Back)

Very funny, very moving and very you! So glad we got to see it  hope its a fantastic crowd today . Congrats to Lind and Jack. Shari Hollett Writer, Actress. Producer.

Kathryn Landon:
You blew me away! So great in every way. Hilarious!!! Your beautiful writing and phenomenal acting skill perfectly capture both the brutal and (yes) sweet moments of the glioblastoma journey. Everyone should see this play!

Hey Writers: So,  do you want to write a one person show? Then I think you might enjoy my Flying Solo Intensive! At Second City. Its got great tips on how to structure a solo show with laughs, tears and tension. ( Great for those interested in a Fringe Show)
It takes place 3 evenings in Oct. And its going to be a lot of fun!!
Here’s the link again…