Torn Between 2 Supers! ( Some funny) Shows Mar 7+22nd)

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In this email: Some Funny Blog  and Performance Dates for Downward Facing Broad. AND Pics!!

Torn Between Two Supers: ( An ongoing saga of Paulo and Dave)

I move to the beaches, in Toronto. And Dave is one of the two supers in my building and boy does he have the gift of the gab.

He is the kind of guy who has to tell you how hard he’s working. And how he asked the city to pick up the garbage on Queen Street after Family Day ( and how in his neighbourhood the city wouldn’t make a special trip to pick up garbage.)

And how he ordered my new fridge from “one of his guys” and because I am a “nice lady” put it on special order.

Then there is a newer super, Paulo.

Paulo is always checking up on what Dave is up to.  One day he knocks on my door to ask me if Dave had been by and so I told him all he had done and Paulo said Dave is not as good as he claims.  In fact, he’s overstepping his authority and Paulo tells me that he will be the one to order my fridge.

Then the fridge comes and the fridge guy leaves it outside of my door. So, I call Paulo and he tells me he is too busy and when Dave walks by and sees me pushing in my fridge and he gets mad that Paulo didn’t help. After all “Doesn’t Paulo know I have a bad back?”

And finishes he sits down and says,  “It smells good in here.” Over a cuppa split pea soup, he told about his other job where his co workers respected him.

And he said he didn’t know how long he’d last with Paulo. Paulo was getting on “his last nerve.”

Later, Paulo knocked on the door to see if my fridge was working well, and just as he is leaving my apt. Dave walks by.

Its awkward. I feel like I have been cheating on him or something. Then today I come home to find a note from the management-that Paulo has quit.

Apparently, we got a new super called Mrs. Rebecca Brown and Dave just came by to tell me, “She’s a real ball buster.” 

Well that is my nail biting life.


March 7th in Stirling Festival Theatre. Stirling, Ontario.

March 8th, 2019 International Women’s Day, Peterborough.

March 22nd Grace Hall, Sydenham Theatre.

March 23rd Canadian Film Festival. KEEP COMING BACK.  See it here.