Want To Help Me Get My New Memoir Published?

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As a writer, actor and comic for forty years, I’ve earned a living off my stories. Stories I’ve told on stage and on the page. And as time ticks on I am trying to create only books and videos that reflect who I am as an artist and hopefully will bring some good to the world.

This 4th book is called Windowshopping For God. Its a memoir of short stories about my journey of addiction to self-improvement to embracing the good in my heart and the hearts of others. I want to get this published as soon as I can. Because I believe these short reflections will not only make people laugh but will inspire others as well.

Here is the first chapter. :http://kimmett.ca/preacherman-jumped/)

As many of you know, I usually self publish and self produce all my projects. So, I’ve started a crowdfunding platform to help raise funds. This money will help me support myself to finally finish this book- that includes hiring an editor and layout artist for the cover.

I am trying to complete this by April 2020 so it will be published on Amazon in the spring.

If you have liked my stories and video clips and want to be my one time “Patron” for this project, I would be so appreciative. Every donation I receive I will send you a hilarious new video I created.

If you can give, that’s great. If not, no worries. Subscribe to¬† www.kimmett.ca for my free blogs and funny videos!! Happy 2020.