Kim Pollard and I are getting voted ON the island!! Amherst Island. July 19!

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Next stop on the tour of our show is Amherst Island.

Km Pollard and I will be bringing the hit show Downward Facing Broad to St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church. ( TICKETS HERE) July 19th, at 8 pm.

Amherst Island is a magical place. And I lived there for 11 years with my family. Its 20 minutes from Kingston. And 20 minutes from Napanee.

When I was trying to decide to move to Amherst Island I went to owl woods and prayed for a sign if I should move. As my hands were up to the sky a chickadee landed on my hand and I thought it was a sign. I went home and put my house for sale. Once we had moved into the house I owned onFront Road place, I told a person this story and they laughed, ” They land on EVERYBODY’s hands.’

Maybe they’re hired by the real estate agents. 

The boat leaves every hour on the half hour.

Grab a ticket here!  22 tickets left!!


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