Have You Got a Sick Family Member? ( Save the Date Oct 25th)

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Have you got a family member who is ill?

Do you want to say and do the right things?

Would you like to finally heal your family dynamics?

The show Suddenly is a hilarious look on the brother sister relationship? What not to say? And how to give up worry for gratitude?

Its coming to Madoc Oct 25th @2018.

For a year and half we’ve grown this play into a lovely tribute not just to my brother but the power of healing the sibling relationship.

Plus over $9,000 dollars has been raised so far for various Hospices in Ontario.

GRAB YOUR TICKETS HERE for the Madoc Show.


Audience’s Feedback!

“Your show is a masterpiece. The writing, performance, music – funny, and so much heart.”  Cathy Cleary.(Founder ~ Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre)

“The show tonight was amazing! Very funny and boy you don’t pull any punches. Right to the heart. So inspiring.” Jonathan Wilson ( Playwright. ( Kilt. Shed) )

” Wonderful show, Deb. Funny, moving and raw. Chris Earle ( writer, director, producer)

“The Year of the Suddenly”. Thank you also to talented musician, singer, actor Jack Nicholsen for adding his own layer of richness to this show …. and to Linda Kash who directed a magnificent piece..” Aysun Basaran. Speaker Agent.

“One of the most brilliant performances I have ever had the luck to witness. I laughed. I cried. I marvelled. I cried again. I learned. I felt.   Deborah Kimmett. “Cindy Faraedo.

“Your performance was very moving. I love your honesty and your wit and humour which conveys your feelings so well. .”Veronica Hunt-hartman

Buy your tickets here:

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