What I Overheard In the Bathroom

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Do you ever what women talk about in the bathroom?

While sitting in the stall of the lieu at the mall, I heard two young women talking.

Woman #1: I need a plan to get a full-time job.
Woman #2: My plan is to wait for all the baby boomers to die.

And then I put my legs up on the back of the door and held my breath until it was safe to exit.


This conversation and being offered the senior discount prompted me to write my show Downward Facing Broad. I wanted to ask how do we stay relevant as we age? Especially as women when people make us invisible.

This show is a riot. We sold out in Peterborough and our next stop is

St. Paul’s Chuch Amherst Island (near Kingston) for July 19th, 2019, 8 pm start.

Click here for tickets:



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