What’s NOT The Matter With The Youth Today!

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People often say kids today are not as good as the last generation. ( didn’t our folks same the same thing about us?)

Well I say to these people you don’t know the young adults I know. They bring their art, their ideas, energy and their money to their passions.

What got me thinking about this is today my daughter really knocked my socks off. Not only is she writing,  performing the play she is also producing it at the London Fringe.  This means she has to raise the cash to do her work which means she is having a fundraiser to help her do the show. There is  a Beer and Bingo Fundraiser but she also crowd fundraising site so she can actually do her own art. In my day we begged from parents. She did too, believe me, but I was amazed that within a few hours her friends and family helped her raise 1/3 of the money she needed. Some of these donations were from mystery donators but a lot of cash came in 20 dollar increments form mostly from young theatre folks who are in the development stage of their own careers ( aka they are dead broke)

Its an old saw that the ones who earn the least of money in life give back consistently. I find this to be true. As you know I speak all over this country and I have had the  privilege to speak at fundraisers for national and international charities and this happens all the time without fail. People who work for minimum wage give the cash.

But also what I see happening and more these events are strongly populated by young caring adults who often support environmental and issues concerning developing nations with their energy and their cash.

Many at such a young age have created something new and innovative. And then charities. They have reached past their own agendas and see the world as theirs to fix.

So here’s to them, to my daughter Laurel, but to all young twenty-somethings who dare to put their art out there, their love out there. You rock!!

Would you care to share below about an amazing twenty something. I would love to take the next week to give them a shout out.