Why I Teach Women How To Be Funny! (WORKSHOP)

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 This blog contains info about my all-female comedy writing class.

My Comedy Show downward Facing Broad is in Toronto next: Check out dates here!

Why I Teach Women How to be Funny:

I have been doing sketch-humor improv and stand up for 40 years.

And I’ve been teaching improvisation and comedic writing for over 30 years!

But recently I’ve been teaching women specifically how to get their funny on.

In fact, my writing class, Comedy From A Broad, evenings Oc 15-17th any person identifying as female will learn to get their funny on!

See as much as things are changing, the numbers for women in comedy are still low.

I started out at Second City 35 years, the ratio of women 5 to 3.

But after 40 years most sketch groups still only have two women to four men.

When I started doing stand up at the comedy festivals 13 years, ago it was about 8 stand-up men to one woman.

But look at the comedy bill around this country the ratio is still about 8 men to 2 women.

I don’t believe this is because there is a shortage of funny women.
But I do believe there needs to be more access.
I also believe the better you get the more opportunities will be afforded you!
During 3 evenings, I will teach you how to become the protagonist of your own storyline.  On and off the stage.

You will learn how to write comedy where you don’t end up the butt of the joke or get assigned the straight “guy.”

This 3-day master writing class at Second will teach you how to capture your great ideas and create sketches and sets to showcase your own unique point of view.

You will walk away with tools to help you create material people will laugh at.

Plus I will give you pragmatic tips on where to showcase your material. And how to get paid.

Because after all, how many side hustles can one gal have?


All levels of writers welcome. A positive safe space for all identifying as female. This is NOT a male-bashing session.

Deborah Kimmett 
is a Toronto-based comedian, actress, and author who is currently touring her show Downward Facing Broad show to sold-out audiences! The CD by the same name will drop on October 9th, 2019.   She appears regularly on The Debaters, Frankie Drake, Gayle Pyle, TallBoyz! In 2019, she was nominated for an ACTRA award for Outstanding Performance for the film, Keep Coming Back.  Kimmett is the author of two books of comedic essays (Reality is Over-Rated and That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Funnier) She has written hundreds of hours for theatre and TV.  See her at the Danforth Music Hall for Accent Toronto!