Would it be okay with you if money got easier?

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This was the opening question in the new DVD The Energy of Money by the amazing life and money coach of Marie Nemeth.

I don’t know about you but when I think of money the last word that comes to mind, is easy.

When I think of money I think math class. And me sitting in a small kiddie chair with a really big calculator.

Being an entrepreneur and creative type money has been a worry of mine many times over the years. Matching the flow of work with flow of cash.

However, I know that getting right with the money in and out of my life has been the single biggest act of self love I have performed over the past five years.

This has not about going on a budget. ( that is like the word diet-it means you’re about to break it and go on a binge.) It has been about creating a plan and getting honest with myself of what I do with cash.

It means taking action. I am talking about weaning off credit cards and tracking my spending so that I am NOT always spending out of emotion. Emotional spending that has the companion,  justification. Justification sounds like:  ‘It was on sale,  look at how much I saved . Or, “I just had to buy it. After all, my kids wanted  it.”

I have come to know it’s not a deal if I have to debt to get it.

Very late in life I learned that if I save for what I love rather than buy just what I want I manage to get things that add value to my life.

I have come to know that handling money is not about a money diet. Or making grand gestures. It’s about taking small action steps to move into awareness.

For me money is just an indicator of things being in or out of balance. For instance when there was a single category of spending that is always out of whack, I realize that it’s an indicator that I am usually spending to fill an unmet need.

For example, whenever I went out with one of my friends I always overspent. Why? Because we had a falling out and when I got back together with her I wanted to just be free and not so uptight and generous. All of this is a lovely motivation.  But I couldn’t afford our time together. Then, I did the emotional work on that person and made amends to her and the overspending stopped. The opportunities to spend more in her presence didn’t cease, but my emotional guilt did.

I have learned it is not about the money, it’s about the feelings the money creates.

There have been tighter times for sure. Everybody is feeling it. But if I am chronically short on cash there are inevitably money leaks; places where money drips out of my life without me being mindful.

Or there are time leaks where time is leaking out without me being mindful, which ironically leads to money leaks.

This is what Marie’s video is about.  The money and time energy leaks, the sludge of debt and how to take small doable steps with your cash so you can get have less anxiety.

I think the most powerful sentence Marie said was,” Your commitment to action needs to become bigger than your commitment to anxiety.”

What if a small action would lower your anxiety? And if less anxiety would make life easier? Would you consider that?

If so check out Marie, she’s the hat trick of coaches: Compassionate, clear and kind!

How can you commit to action rather than anxiety? Comment below!

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