Now more than ever its important to keep your sense of humour. From health organizations to education to government agencies I see more and more people have been stressed by changing economies and realities. The struggle to keep going on less and less tires people out. Teams are battle weary. Absenteeism increases. And so does ‘presenteeism’: This is people come to work but come in but are checked out.

That’s why I believe myLaughter Is the Best Medicine Keynote has become my best selling keynote for clients this year. People need wit and wisdom to inspire them.

Being an outsider my humorous look at business gets everyone in the same room laughing together.

I see people coming into the event looking stressed thinking, “Oh great, another thing to get in the way of my work’. And in one hour they leave refreshed with reframed perspectives.

Three tips to help your team get their sense of humour back:

1) Google appropriate humorous videos and start with a laugh before your next staff meeting. There is a ton of business appropriate humour online. Here is one site I use:

2) Make a joke at your own expense. Especially if you’re the boss. Nothing helps people smile more than when the boss has a laugh at themselves.

3) Book me for a keynote. My witty and wise keynotes are guaranteed to help. (

Laughter Is The Best Medicine Keynote;

This keynote engages, energizes and offers hands on tips to de-stress and work together better.
* perfect energizer for Staff Appreciation Dates.
* A keynote for your next retreat or AGM
* And endnote that brings people’s energy back after a day of content heavy talks.
Laughter Is the Best Medicine: A perfect prescription for putting a smile back on your face this summer.

Need a laugh in your off hours?: Come to my Trenton Show August 19th, 2016