Check out how much $ we donated to We Matter from the Mother’s Day Show. See below.

This week I am teaching a comedy writing class again called Making the Dog Laugh. Its full of hands on tips on how to build a comedic idea whether you write for the page, stage or TV. I  love it because it’s the craft I have worked on for 40 years. By breaking down the beats of an idea and using simple techniques to build humour, I show people that they too can get their funny ideas out there.

It’s a great class, and we have a lot of of fun. And even though its comedy writing it’s not all fun and games. My friend Dan Redican ( Little Mosque on the Prairie, and The Frantics.) has a line that I love. “Writing drama is serious. Writing comedy is deadly serious.” Any comic worth her salt knows this. I was taught early on (The Second City and with Red Green) you must take the wink out of your story telling in order to make it funnier. In order to get laughs on the page or the stage you also must play it deadly serious.

If you want people to laugh at your speech, your Ted Talk, the blogs you write you need to know how to build a comedic idea by adding the E’s of comedy.

I will dive deeper into this topic this coming Sunday May 16th, 2021- for our Making the Dog Laugh Writing Workshop) but here is a clip to show you what I mean by 3E’s.

Anyway this 3 hour sessions is chocked full of tips I learned as a comic for 40 years.

And it’s a lot of fun and very interactive. And safe for all levels of writers. And our last comedy class of the season.


UPDATE: The Mother’s Day Show really went over well. We sold over 110 tickets and raised $740 for We Matter. If you still want a ticket its taped and still on sale till next Monday. I must say it’s a lovely little show. Grab a look here.


My last session for this season begins Wednesday May 26th  2pm -4pm and goes for 5 Weeks. It is safe, fun and great for all levels of writers.


    Bella Grundy

    These classes have altered and exhilarated my life – Thanks Deb!

    Laurie Osborn Smith

     I really think that everyone we meet has a story (or 5 or ? ). What happens to each of us is so unique and I loved hearing what others wrote. You also kept us focused and pushed us to go deeper and it showed!
    All of the stories that were shared have stayed with me; the honesty, humility and soulfulness are memorable. Thank you to all of the writers of those stories. I’ve taken several writing workshops over the past few years, but Deb’s had provided me with some practical tools that I am using in my (almost) daily writing. What has stuck with me? So many things; the 7 minute exercise, the grace notes, mapping, the ‘suddenly’, the variety of mediums to illustrate the themes, to name a few. I’m finally reading Natalie Goldberg’s ‘Writing Down the Bones’ even though it’s been on my shelf for years. Thanks Deb and everyone! Looking forward to learning and writing more later this month.