We have a great group of performers, singers, and storytellers for this annual Mother’s Day show.  This year we are raising money for We Matter. ( A Indigenous run organization helping Indigenous Youth through hard times)
It airs on May 8th at 7 pm,  but the link is available for 10 days after. Buy a ticket or two and we will send you your private VIP link on the day of the show.
And frankly, we have learned a lot since our first Zoom show for Father’s Day.
In fact, we have been rehearsing and taping and I think it’s looking pretty cool.
From Cathy Cleary, who does work in the Congo, to Tunchai Redvers, the original founder of We Matter to the very funny Eric Andrews ( Named Best Stand Up for 2019) and the dazzling Barbara Johnston. ( Who is a musical theatre performer who has a Spice Girl tribute band called Wannabe) and featuring my two writing students’ powerful stories about Mom.
It’s a great show and just like Motherhood you will laugh and cry sometimes in the same breath.
Cheers, Deborah, and team Motherhood: The Good, The Bad, The Fugly.

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