(If you want to laugh really hard check out my summer shows below)

These days we could all use a funny story or two. Laughter is the way we connect with each other.  Next week I go to Saskatoon to tape another Debaters and when we do these shows we see how much people need to laugh right now.

Are there any better nights than when share laughter with friends over a glass of coffee or bubbly?

Finally we are getting out and making connections with those we love.

These two stories I have today took place on Amherst Island where I lived many years ago.

In the first one, I was trying to get used to island life and finding a way to fit in. My husband and the children ended up going to the Presbyterian Church but I wasn’t interested in the Sunday sermon so when the church ladies came a calling, I was overcome.

Check out this hilarious video called Lemon Pie And the Presbyterians. (or below!)

The second video is on my membership sites and its all about how I ended up buying a house because of a chickadee! ( MEMBERS JUST SIGN IN)

As for laughing with some family and friends this summer my new show is killing it ( according to my kids LOL)

The reviews have been very encouraging.

July 26th Toronto, So Cap The Danforth Great seats.

August 3rd Gananoque: Good seats.( Kim Pollard opens)

August 4- At Ellenas sold out.


First in Person Writing Workshop in 2 years- July 07. 1000 Islands- Gananoque.