This email includes info on My New Webinar + July 26th Writing Workshop + New Chapter Of Windowshopping For God.

I am writing from my COVID bubble to say hello and to invite you to join me for a webinar that is sure to put a smile on your face.

On this “How to Keep Your Sense of Humour During COVID” webinar I will talk about staying well in this ever-changing “unscripted” life. Plus offer tips on how to keep your equilibrium and your sense of humor during these uncertain times.

For one all-inclusive viewing fee, you can broadcast this thirty-minute webinar to your entire organization.

Clip Below or  Click here to view it on Youtube!

To purchase click here.

I hope you will join me for some learning and laughing.


Don’t let the summer go by without writing your stories. This Sunday, July 26th, its the Sit Your Ass Down and Write Session. All about how to structure your stories. 3 Students will read from their work. This 2-hour session is going to jam-packed with fun tips plus you will be writing a lot!

Sliding fee donation: $40-$100.  e-transfer


A new excerpt from my book, Windowshopping for God. READ IT HERE.