A famous line by PG Wodhouse, and my favourite line when I am attempting something new. We have to knit socks badly, write stories that are lumpy and have holes in them, do new strategies at work pathetically bad, and then we practice and get good at it.

Or we don’t.

Maybe we will suck for awhile.

Or forever.

But we won’t know until we try.

So write, run, paint, kiss, parent, edit, train on new computer program, get sober, start hurting yourself.

Just try it on for size.
See what happens and let me know how pathetic you are.

Yes that’s what I said.

Tell me one thing you did so badly you thought they would give you an “I suck” button.

One thing you did, but ended up mastering or found joy in anyway.

Love to hear from you and remember -you need to put on your oxygen mask on first -unless you’re with someone who is a smoker- and that would be cruel.

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