Do you want to write better stories?

          Do you need a writing coach who has written and mentored for 30 years?

          Would you like to write passionately without getting out of your pajamas?


Sign up now for the 6 Sundays  Creative Writing Intensive (online)

JANUARY 20- FEBRUARY 24th 2013

9:00 am- 10:30 am EST

Bloggers, authors, creative souls would you like 80% improvement.

It’s proven that when you have a a coach you improve 22%. If you have a coach and classroom you improve 80%.

So why do this in isolation not getting where you want to go?


“Deborah is not a teacher but a creative midwife, who  brings 30 years of of experience to the room.  Besides creating award winning plays, books and one woman shows, Deborah has mentored thousands of writers to get ideas from their head to the page.  Plus she is hilarious so the classes are entertaining to boot. (BIO)

The promise: I  will do everything to help you become the writer you want to be.




6 Sunday Classes:

Part pep talk, part classroom and all coaching this will give you the inspiration and skills to write better. You receive a comic, writer and performer’s 30 years of experience of sitting at the desk and creating.

6 Lessons:

Each week there are written lessons emailed to you. Then you do that work and its brought to the Sunday class. If you sleep in you get the class on Mp3,

60 hours:

Bonus writing lessons to keep you going.

6 Bonus Interviews

With working pros comedy, theatre, film and radio.

You will learn to write past the doubt, trust your own unique voice and write unique dynamic and muscled work.



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If you sign up for this course before December 1, 2012. you can get the PLATINUM VERSION OF THIS WRITING INTENSIVE for $300 more. So for  1000.00 your project will be read and given detailed notes before the class begins which means you will be starting way ahead of the game.

Deborah’s coaching rates are 150/hour so this is a great deal for folks who already have a project in development. The class will expedite the process.

Only limited students can be accepted for this advance level and must fill out an application. Deadline December 15, 2012..