As my show gets ready to tour this summer, we got a nice review from Broadway World Magazine. Check out the article here!

Or Read the excerpt from the Broadway World article below.


Kimmett is able to take you from tears to bladder busting laughter faster than the speed of light. Poignant and sensitive, personal and generic at the same time. This is way more than stand up (even though it is stand up at its very best) because it doesn’t conform to the limits of one genre. If you can see this performance you should! “
OVERNIGHT SENSATION, written and performed by Deborah Kimmett, and directed by Christian Smith. Music by Nichol Robertson produced by Still Here Productions comes PM Social Capital Theatre on July 26th at 7pm.Overnight Sensation is a hysterical comedy that finds Kimmett on the eve of her first old age security cheque, asking herself if it’s too late to become an Overnight Sensation. (She may even be pushing the limit on Late Bloomer.)”I am turning 65 and during COVID I lost my work, my mom went into a home with dementia and I started to write this show about ageing and visibility. Not only did I get a show that has become a comedy album with Howl and Roar Records, I learned how important it is to stay creative and keep your sense of humour.With her signature sharp commentary, Kimmett punches up on how we stereotype aging women. The show examines popularity vs visibility and suggests that it might not be popularity we al re all seeking, but to be seen for who we really are… a woman whose life is sensational.” Thank you Broadway World
Very few comedians – much fewer female comedians past 60 have a platform in Canadian media. Her last comedy album Downward Facing Broad aired on CBC Radio to great response and began to tour before the world was shut down. As COVID-19 raged on, the Downward Facing Broad comedy album became number 5 on iTunes! Her memoir writing retreats jumped on Zoom and attracted memoirists from around the world.
“I found during this time people need laughter to connect again. When people come to the show and even if they wear masks there is a sense of community you can’t get anywhere else.”
After 17 years on CBC’s radio show The Debaters, Kimmett has an impressive following with CBC audiences. She is a regular on CBC’s Winnipeg Comedy Festival, LOL and is an accomplished author of four books, Reality is Overrated and That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Funnier, and Out Running Crazy. Deb’s new book Window-shopping for God will be published in fall 2022. She was nominated twice for the National Magazine Award for Humour. As well, she has been shortlisted for the Governor-General Award for her play Miracle Mother in 1984. She has written 52 episodes of TV on Steve Smith’s Go Girl. Her lead in the movie, Keep Coming Back debuted at the Palm Springs Film Festival, and Whistler Film Festival garnered a best actress nomination for ACTRA. She has appeared on Canadian gems like Frankie Drake, Tall Boyz, and Gayle Pyle.