I am presenting a preview of my comedy show Overnight Sensation on December 4th at 2 pm at Social Capital 154 Danforth Avenue. 2nd floor! Toronto. Yeah, comedy in the afternoon!

Howl and Roar Records is taping my CD in the spring and I need an audience to test it out on!

Because it’s the first-ever performance It’s PWYC ( e-transfer debkimmett@gmail.com in advance only!) 

If you are still not comfortable going out, I have an offer for you too.

My membership site offers new videos and blogs by yours truly, every month! I have about 30 there already!

You will get immediate access to my 30 years of comedy. And see the new comedy I am developing!  And I will be also be previewing parts of the new show Overnight Sensation there.

Plus you will help me out by supporting my work. COVID is finally coming to an end but its moving slowly and unsteadily in the right direction. So if you need a laugh in these challenging times, you’d be helping me do my art.

Check out the new funny videos here!!

Plus if you buy an annual membership today I will give you ONE free ticket to the December 4th show!

I’d throw in steak knives but there are breaks in the supply chain! 


Remember that all live shows require you to be double vaxed.