Today is a big day.

It’s my son Brendan’s  31st birthday.  I have almost lost the baby fat. I love this guy! He’s a just a positive person who helps me see the light in all!

And on tonight I get to perform for Accent Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall,  in Toronto tonight. Six other comics! You will hear parts of this on Big City Small World on CBC Radio.

And  ( drum roll please) my new comedy CD is dropping.

Dropping? Well, that’s record business lingo!

I am pleased that the Howl and Roar record label released this new comedy CD for me.

They are fantastic! And the owner of the company is a gal who is called Allison Dore and she and her partner believe in promoting female comics! I feel very blessed to have met them.

The album is available online and an actual CD here! ________



As well, we had a sold-out show on Sept 29th! My gosh Kim and I loved the audience. And we managed to raise over 1000.00 for Sistering.Org. As the winter months are soon upon us, homeless numbers go up to 9200 people a night in Toronto. Many of these are women! Sistering provides daily meals, a safe place out of the cold as well as resources and emotional support to help women navigate life! They do great work! And if you can support them their donation link is here!


Next stop Peterborough to tape the Debaters on Oct 23.

Then Empire Theatre,  Oct 26th Belleville

November 2 Stouffville,

Nov 16th, Tamworth.

Nov 22nd Klusterfork, Peterborough! ( the Christmas show)