June 13th is my ONE session only- pop up writing memoir session.
Our theme will revolve around Inheritance and what stories you carry with you from your family!
It’s 10-12:30 pm EST.  High energy. Safe.  And fun.
There is plenty of hands on tips, time to write, break out rooms, and time to meet like-minded people who want to write their memoirs like you.
Sliding Scale $50-$100. ( You pick the price that feels right for you!)
E-transfer  or ask more questions at debkimmett@gmail.com.
The Wednesday Wit With Wisdom will continue next week.
Working with Deborah will release your writing knots and adjust your story spine. She is a wonder at getting in and finding the points that need working on. Her classes are fun, inclusive and full of wisdom. And she makes me stand up straighter.” Alana Barker. ( Not a chiropractor)