​ Robert Hawke and I got together and have created a virtual coffee shop online called The Hope for today Cafe.


We will be bringing some humour and hope to those suffering with a serious illness and ​to those taking care of them.

Whenever our health is at risk, things can feel really scary.  Whether its a diagnosis of cancer, or a serious health issue for you or your loved one, getting sick changes things pretty quickly. Your money. Your status. Your friendships. Suddenly you are in a brand new world you didn’t ask to visit.

Robert and I have gone through our personal journey with serious health issues ( Robert had thyroid cancer a few years back and I have had close families suffering from cancer as well as having a very premature daughter years ago)

We know how scary it can be, when life feels precarious.

Whether its teaching you how to talk to your doctor, how to deal with folks who seem to be suffering from Free Advice Syndrome, how to deal with friendships that change, or knowing how to lean into uncertainty, we want to help you face your health challenges with hope and a lot of humour. Each week we will be bringing you a new podcast. Plus we have a great new FB group that you can belong to keep up with the conversation.

Click here to listen to Humour is The Best Medicine:

Click here to listen to: How to Communicate to Folks When They are Sick

If you like the podcasts please share with someone who needs a smile and some positivity.


All the best, and take care of yourself.

Deborah and Robert