I don’t know about you but stopping and appreciating my achievements is hard for me.
I can work for days or weeks on a home or work project and then just move onto the next thing.
Last week I finished another draft of my book, Windowshopping for God, ( read the chapter here) which made me happy for about 12 hours.
After I sent it to a “reader’ I began looking around for another project to begin.

Then I started to get so anxious trying to decide what to do, a friend of mine reminded me of something. Stop for a minute: Take in what you have done and reward your achievements.

This doesn’t mean spend money you don’t have or get frustrated that this summer is not the same as last summer. Simply, take a couple of days off and give yourself a break.


I spent from Wednesday to today soaking up the sun, swimming, and having backyard visits with old friends. I felt better after about 24 hours, and frankly have no big desire to start anything new right now-this week either.

There is an ebb and flow to creativity. It is funny how that chaos energy seems like its telling you do more when really it’s signaling just the opposite: don’t just do something: stand there.

How can you reward achievements in your life? Or your team’s lives?

On another note: I thanked this friend for telling me this great advice and she said I taught her that. ( Next post will be about forgetting what you already know!).


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