This is a difficult time. We are all worried. It’s hard to rein in that wild mind.

I don’t know about you but even under normal circumstances, I can be a worrywart.

I think I was born this way.

When the Dr. slapped me on the ass, I think a crease formed between my two eyes, and I likely thought to myself,

“Why are they hitting me? They just met me.”

I come from a tribe of worrywarts. Irish. Catholic. Don’t let the cute accent fool ya.

Our favorite slogan was.

“Laugh before breakfast, you’ll be crying before supper.”

I  also do preventative worrying: That’s when you worry ahead of time so if it happens you won’t be surprised.

Over the years its taken practice for me to stop the habit of worry.

I’ve needed others wiser than me to help.

Women like Shirley Ann Miller. 

I used to go to her house on the 3rd concession on Amherst Island, to work through my worries.  She would make a pot of soup and say,

“Don’t go borrowing trouble.”

Meaning? Don’t make it worse.

As human beings aren’t we great at making it worse?

Many times the wheels have come off the bus in my life, financially and spiritually in my life.

When 911 hit I lost all my work.

Sars hit- again all freelance jobs went.

2008- the global recession was a year of holding on by the skin of my teeth.

No EI. No, net.

When my brother was dying I relied on the kindness of strangers (*you know who you are!) to help me get through the emotional and financial stress.

Now, there is this virus. Things are changing beneath our feet.

We are asked to sit still and be patient. How can we not worry?

We are worried about our families getting home.

We are worried about the economy.

It’s an unprecedented time.

Never before in my lifetime has the whole world been combatting the same thing, all at once.

So, this truly has gone from a “me” problem to a “we” one!

We need to help each other.

We need to keep ourselves calm.

We need to take small actions will dial down our fear!

For some of us, we will practice prayer, meditation, walking, or talking.

For some of us, we will look to be of help.

We need to check our neighbors. We need to be kind to those people who are in grocery stores and gas stations and the front line workers.

So let me channel my inner Shirley Ann Miller and say:

Stay in the day.

Today is all you can handle.

On this day, you have enough. Enough safety, enough food, enough love.

Reach out and ask someone else how they are!

And as best you can, don’t borrow more trouble!

For as you know trouble has a very high-interest rate.

Much love, Deborah


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