Finding Grace In Others:

If I find the grace in you I find the grace in myself. This sentence is a line from a popular song from Snow Patrol but has been on my mind for the past few weeks. Whenever I have gone through hard times it was always others grace that helped me reconnect me to my own humanity. Helped me see things differently. Helped me forgive myself. Helped me laugh at myself.

Their grace showed me a different perspective.

This also works in reverse.

Other times it’s when I see the grace in other people that I reconnect to myself.

I have had this practice of trying to see the people I meet in my neighbourhood. Living in Toronto its really easy to tune people out.

And I have a very diverse group of people living in this area.

I have met Danny the homeless man, Adele who lives in the community living apartment building, my neighbour Rhoda. And Ray and Mekong. In the next few weeks I will tell you some stories about these people and how they have touched my heart.

When I see the folks living on my street I see them many beautiful people, broken and bent like me. I also access grace inside myself.

A connection.

I get out of my head, if even for a moment.

A smile, a hello in another’s direction can dial down one’s sense of isolation. Right-size the self-centredness of anxiety that plagues us at times.



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