How are you holding up?

Does your neck hurt from emotional whiplash?

To make the transition a little easier,  I am offering a free comedy show ( below)

I know you are doing your best to keep yourselves sane. Some of you by self-isolating. Some by taking care of the children and your parents. And some of you are on the front lines of the essential services, whether that is in the grocery store, cleaning the medical institutions and those of you that are in the medical field helping test and treat COVID 19.

We are all worn out by this ever-changing landscape.

This comedy set is one I did last year at The Second City!

Also if you want to read a free chapter or two from Windowshopping For Good. This book is a memoir about how I got through difficult times. Please click here. Three new chapters are on the description of that page.

And before I leave I know you are all worried, but we will get through this. So be good to each other, stay strong and stay home!!