A blog about the gratitude and the grace of morning and a new date for my new comedy show.

 The dog is staring at me, looking a little stunned. I’m sure he wonders why I  never sleep in. It’s just after 6 a.m and the front door slams as one of my neighbours leave for work. This building is old and has thin walls. We share each other’s sounds: frustrations, and laughter. Walking in the hall, we also share the smell of people’s supper. That and the lavender Pine-Sol our cleaning stuff uses competing for our attention. It’s a run-down three-story place near the beach and the one place, I have felt most at home in since I moved back to Toronto! I love it so much I worry that one day I will have to leave. Renoviction?  Cost? Mice?-There have been no mice for nearly a year now but every time the dog growls or the fridge makes an odd noise I wonder when they will return. That’s the mind for you -always window-shopping for something to worry about.

It’s early, yes, but I love the magic time before the city awakes and before the night becomes day.

For some of you, nighttime is your magic time but for me, it is before dawn. I read a novel, and record the thankful things that happened from the day before. It’s a gratitude list in reverse. Looking at yesterday I get to see fully what I have in my life. It’s not the big stuff. Sometimes just helping an aged neighbour who can’t get up the front steps, a happy client who liked the project I created for her family( and learning new things on Zoom) some surprise money, some deep sharing with people I mentor. A dog who now is learning how to fetch a ball. Sometimes. And coffee. Every day I am grateful for coffee. This attention to detail does two things for me. It brings me into my body. It makes me appreciate what is happening in my life right here and right now.

I get to live yesterday twice.

As I prep for the pop-up writing class this afternoon, at 2 pm. ( Come if you wish) I see I will be talking about this kind of detail. I want the writers to know this detail and focus on ordinary events is essential for a good story. And a good life.

So now before the day starts I try to apply that wisdom to myself.  I made oatmeal and there is still the taste of apple cherry compote on my bottom lip. I eat one slice of toast with almond butter and when I swallow for some reason I sense my mom sitting across from me. I see her drinking her coffee in the pink chair in the living room with that big picture window, reading the paper the way she did every morning for years. Then I see her move to the dining room to eat one slice of toast at the big table.

The house is no longer hers and she now lives in a home where her day is structured around someone else’s mealtimes. There are many memories that have been absconded. Her mind flips from one room to the next of her long life, but when you see her drink her coffee, you see the enjoyment.

She and I are more alike than I ever cared to admit. I look just like her. And we are two women in a hurry, I’ve rushed through everything.

But what is pulling at me that seems so urgent, now?

The to-do lists have a lot of items that contain joyful tasks which I can turn into obligations if I don’t watch myself.

But now in the still before morning,  I hear something whisper, “Slow down and savour.”

Because before you know it this day will be done and I will be climbing into bed wondering where it went.

Save the date for December 4th, 2021! See Below.

Come to my new comedy show, Overnight Sensation. 

I am premiering this new work at the Socap on Dec 4th at 2 pm at 154 Danforth Avenue, Toronto!

Email me debkimmett@gmail.com to reserve.

PWYC- paid in advance! No walk-ups! Double Vaxed.

Limited Seating.

Don’t make me stand there and talk to myself like I have for the past 18 months! 🙂

Old age is like being kidnapped but no one leaves a ransom note-just an age spot on the pillow.”