Have You Always Wanted To Tell Your Life Story? Join me Sept 27th.

Do you have a lot of ideas but don’t know how to get started?
Would you like to be coached every step of the way?
Would you like to stay in your PJ’s while you create wonderful work?

Then this six-week session creative writing online workshop is for you.

You will learn how to:

Get past your voice of doubt.

Trust your own unique voice.

Develop a writing practice that gets you to the finish line with your story.

Create a powerful protagonist, that is rich with desire.

Listen to other writers’ work.

Coaching tips from someone with 40 years of experience writing for stage and the page.

Belong to a community of creatives who encourage each other.

My Coaching Philosophy

“ After forty years of writing for the stage and the page, I know what it is like to face that blank page, to be afraid to start, and then to judge yourself mercifully when you do. In writing coaching sessions  I have created a  safe, fun process by which you will be able to get enough courage to bring your story into the light. I will teach you how to push past your voice of doubt, develop a tried and true writing technique, and show you how to write stories you have always wanted to tell.”



Cee Kaye( Social Activist)“A huge thanks to you, Deb. You not only create this safe space for all of us to explore what writing can be, but also for sharing so much of yourself – your wisdom, your craft, your amazing stories, your delicious wit.”

Jill Tonus; (Lawyer, Toronto) ” Indeed, wonderful morning and well worth getting up early for on Sunday morning- just like church- Lol! You come away with inspiration and more faith in the writing process through the sharing by others and Deb’s expert guidance and teaching.  Can’t wait until the Fall sessions!”

Lee Anne MacAlear: ( Motivational Speaker)You are one talented teacher. Triple threat: Comic, writer, teacher! Is there anything she can’t do?”

Cathy Cleary ( NGO- Africa) An Amazing morning! I am really getting better as a writer.”

Christine Bolwell( English Teacher, Indonesia)  “I call in from Indonesia. Which is 12 hours later. It’s worth staying up late. I learned so much from everyone’s stories.”

Lorraine Elder Ross: ( Social Worker)  Always learns so much. thank you Deborah Kimmett, Thank you for sharing you.”

Linda Kash ( actress Fargo)” Its a mani-pedi for the soul.”

Ben Walnicki:( Poet) “Yoga for the literal mind.”

My Credentials;

15 years teaching The Seven Minute Writer and Creative Writing Intensives online, The Second City ( 14  years) One Day Master Classes for women: Comedy From A Broad. One on One Coaching Programs: 2011 to present date.

Seminars at Centennial College, Durham Authorsfest, Kingston AuthorsFest.

TV Writing: Story Editor and Contributing Writer: Steve Smith Productions, Go, Girl, David Brady Productions. Henry Less Production. Canadian Accents, Girls On Bicycles.

Downward Facing Broad  CD: currently airing on Comedy Central,  CBC Radio and Sirrus Radio across the U.S.

Performer/Writer CBC Radio Debaters: ongoing.

CBC TV: Winnipeg Comedy Festival  Ongoing.

PERSONAL ACCOLADES: Plays: Drama 1994 Miracle MotherNominated for Governor General’s Award,

Magazines: Columnist for Humor Article, Kingston Life, 2007-2009

Nominated for National Magazine Award for Humour for “Online Dating: Gone Fishin’ 

Outstanding Actress Nomination for Keep Coming Back. 2019.



This is a fun, safe class for all levels of writers. ( and I’ve designed the class with a combo of writing exercises and video and stories so its great for audio and visual learners.

Each session is taped and so if you miss one it’s available for 6 weeks after the class ends.

Zoom is our platform so I give a tutorial on that before each class as well I make myself available for any questions.

Although you don’t have to, there is time for writers to read what they have been working on.




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