Have you Ever Had a Lucille Ball day? My apt is hot so I got a humidifier out and while filling up the water the thingee broke, and it leaked all over my computer cord which shorted it out, and as I was screaming oh no, not another fffing computer cord– the curtain fell off the window.


images-2Since I wasn’t exactly dressed in my bedroom I inadvertently flashed the person in the apt. across the parking lot. I then crept along the floor, to turn off the light, then crawled back and put the curtain back up and crawled back to turn on my light. As I was standing buck naked– the curtain fell down again and once again I flashed the a guy. I know he was a guy because he stood there eating toast shocked. I’m off to Best Boy for cords. And to you dear sir, I am sorry. I know apologizing for this makes me a bit co-dependent or simply Canadian I am not sure. Rickeeeeee!


Come to the show on Nov 12th- I WILL BE DRESSED:https://kimmett.ca/…/november-12th-laughter-is-the-best-med…/