This weekend people will be expecting chocolate, but after this hellish time why not add a little gift of laughter? For those adults who have never grown up?

My new show Overnight Sensation is being hatched in the next few weeks:

What is this show, you ask?

Overnight Sensation is a hysterical comedy that finds me on the eve of my first old age security cheque, asking myself if it’s too late to become an Overnight Sensation. (She may even be pushing the limit on Late Bloomer.)  Its pro-female. Pro- Mom. And pro-laughter.

With her signature sharp commentary, Kimmett punches up on how we stereotype aging women. The show examines popularity vs visibility and suggests that it might not be popularity we are all seeking, but to be seen for who we really are… a woman whose life is sensational. 

There are two ways to see this new comedy  Live or on Zoom.


On Zoom 3pm April 23rd. It’s recorded if you aren’t free at that time. It’s for those that aren’t ready to leave their home yet. It is pay what you can. ( e-transfer an amount you see as fair for each person watching) You don’t need to wear pants. Organize your own watch party to watch at your convenience.

Live in Person:

Enjoy a matinée on the Danforth in Toronto and be home in your pj’s by 4pm. Social Capital Theatre Toronto on May 1st and 8th, Veteran Canadian Writer and Comedian Deborah Kimmett shares insights on aging, visibility, and her mother the heckler.  We have a fabulous musician@Nichol Robertson

Tickets here! for live shows.

For Zoom here; E-transfer  I will send Zoom link! Or recording.

By the way I am going on tour in the fall and I will release dates for those shows soon!