Where does the time go?

So, I have been doing this blog for fourteen years providing wit ( and maybe a little wisdom) in your inbox.

And I have gone through divorce, death and taxes and written about it. And you have been a great support through all of it.

But I am now offering a VIP membership portion to my site. Here I will feature special comedy shows, try out my new CD material and blogs from my latest books all behind a wall and for your eyes ( and ears) only!

There are two ways to do this.

There is both a monthly and annual membership offering.

$4.99 a month for a limited time only- Or $50 for the entire year!

Check out the annual option here. 

And the monthly option here

Automatic renewal but you can opt-out anytime.

Once you sign up you will sign in and view at your leisure. New material every month.

Of course, I will still provide lots of free content, but this is a way I can support my creative vision and keep making you smile.

Here is a sample of first three chapters of my book coming out in the fall, called  Windowshopping For God.

Want to go to Summer Writing School?

My pop up Writing Class is

August 15th, 10-12:30 pm.

A one-time only class loaded with funny, and inspiring exercises to get your creative juices flowing. All levels welcome, friendly inclusive

Sliding Scale: $50-$100. ( pay according to your means.)

Limited number of students allowed. If you want to read your work please send ahead so I can review and have a chat with you.

Reserve or e-transfer at debkimmett@gmail.com