What is Your True Purpose? In the busy-ness of life, its easy to forget what your true purpose is. You can think its about doing one more thing. More to do lists at home. At work, more marketing and getting more customers, or landing that job. But I believe your true purpose is to cultivate and use your true talents, in the service of others. Its easy to get caught up in thinking these are separate. In doing one or the other. We either serve others, get caught up in their agenda and timetable and end up putting our true gifts on the back burner.  Or we are creative to the point of isolation and ego and wonder when someone who is going to discover us. You need both sides. You need to self actualize, and dream and listen to the inner calling. Then take those talents out to serve. If one or these things get out of balance for too long, your energy gets drained and you get resentful. Its a balancing act. One that you have to keep checking. True purpose is not about doing one more thing. Its about doing the next right thing.