I have lost is my ability to flirt. Or recognize what a flirt is.

One night the heat went off in my apartment.

And my super comes in – and he says, he will get me a heater.

To which I replied, “One heater won’t keep me warm.”

And he says, “You need warming up? I’ll chase you around and keep you warm.”

When I told my kids they said that is totally “inappropriate “but my age group of friends said, “I think he was flirting.”

My kids heard an insult, and my friends heard a compliment.

When I was young, and if he had said “I can chase you around” I would’ve said, something clever, like “You wish.”

But at this time in my life, I said, “Oh, go on with you.”

Which sounds like something you’d say if you found a stray bear in your backyard.

You’d look out the window and look at that bear, and yell, “Go on with you “and then you’d bang some pots.”


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