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When I was a little girl Grandma and Grandpa Kimmett drove me and my siblings (a drive that seemed to take forever) to the Country Christmas Jamboree, and a man got up and sang Kiss an Angel Good Morning.
While he sang, Grandma said “I love Charley Pride’s music. He plays the Grand Ol’ Opry all the time.”
She meant she liked the song, but I thought this skinny guy singing on stage was Charley Pride. The night was full of other entertainers and I remember laughing a lot. Santa came and gave us candy canes and we drove home and I thought it was the best night of my life.
When I told mom I couldn’t believe I’d been to the Grand Ol Oprey and I got to see Charley Pride. Mom said, “No, you didn’t see Charley Pride. And the Grand Ol Opry is in Nashville. You only went to the Stirling Theatre.” ( This was a theatre about an hour from Napanee but when you are a little a drive in the dark when you don’t know where you are going, seems like forever.)
As for Santa?  Well, apparently that was just an impersonator too.
But I loved country music after that night, and I adored the country singer,  Charley Pride,
who passed away this week.
This holiday,  we will have lots of memories of Christmases gone by. Some of them will be sad and some will be delightful. In this very strange holiday season, hold onto your old stories fondly and try to find a way to celebrate in your own way.
My work was shuttered on March 12 and like all live performers, 90 percent of all work for 2020 was canceled.
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Some good news for a change.

We just hit the $2840.00 mark in donations to the Secret Santa Sock Fund!! I thought with so many stressed-out financially we might not do as well, this year.  But no, the support came in quickly. To date we have 576 pairs of socks. Cash and 600 dollars in donations of grocery store gift certificates.

Thank you so much to the elves.

The sock drive ends on Friday at noon as Frieda my Ford Fiesta will be taking your socks to the 519 and Scott Mission!

If you want to donate on your own just $20 bucks can buy 4 pairs: you can drop them off at any shelter– or community dinner. Remember every small act helps.

If you want to donate to the Secret Santa Sock Fund-please e-transfer to debkimmett@gmail.com before Friday noon.

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