Have you got your tickets yet? If not, there is still time!

My new comedy show, Overnight Sensation, previews this Saturday, December 4th at 2 PM at Social Capital, found at 154 Danforth Avenue, Toronto! I’ve been trying it on the dog and any friend who will listen so I am ready to roll.

Because this is a test run it’s a pay what you can event; so message me at debkimmett@gmail.com to reserve!  You need proof of vaccination. And, COVID protocols are in place to keep you safe! And we have a few spots left!

“Congrats Deb! But I am not in Toronto! And frankly, with the COVID Variant #43 ( or whatever) I’m afraid to exhale laughter drops on people!”

Well, I have something you might like.

A VIP pass to my membership site!

Think of it as a museum: A place where all my comedy videos, extended blogs live and are waiting for you! They are some of the “Best of” stand-up, stories as well as brand new material that I add every month!

Check it out!


So treat yourself to an early Christmas present, ( Or late Hanukka gift)  Or give it to someone who needs cheering up! Click here!

Except for some trash talk, it creates no garbage!

And you can foster a senior until she goes to her forever home! That would be supporting my art!

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