Right now things are up in the air.
It has made us anxious, to say the least.
It has unnerved us to the very core of our beings:
From our job security to how we move in the world there is not one of us that hasn’t been impacted.
Yes, we hear there is a new normal coming, don’t you want it to hurry up and arrive?
Wouldn’t you like that normal to get itself an Instagram account and post pictures of what this new normal looks like?
When things become unsteady in the home, the job, the community and the world, the primitive brain gets worked up. It doesn’t know what to do first.
It tells us we aren’t doing enough.
We up our game.
We try to organize.
Or get ourselves to thy LCBO.
Other days it goes to hell in a handbasket and we Netflix all day.
Netflixing is now a verb in the Urban dictionary!
It fills us full of doubt if what we are doing is working.
Doubt has happened before.
But normally we can reach out to others to talk us down.
But now, our go-to people have lit flares, hoping that the rescue boats will get to them first.
The only good news is we are not crazy on the same day.
But nobody taught us to do this, none of us specialized in pandemics in high school.
We skipped school and stood in the smoking area.
Grade 11 alegbra didn’t prep us for this.
We can’t tell how this will all end.
We are not ‘mind -readers’.
Unless we are mothers.
If we are mothers we can only read our kid’s minds.
And we don; ‘t get paid for that.
If you are going to be a psychic, shouldn’t you get paid for it?

So what is the answer?

We have to stay in the moment.

Channel our inner Om.

Do one thing at a time to help create sanity out of chaos.

And don’t we need sanity more than anything these days?
And find a little itsy bitsy tiny bit of joy today.
As the poet Shochenfield says, “Decorate our own souls today for futures have a way of falling down mid-flight.”
“Decorate my soul! Really, Deb. I can’t even get the dishes done!
Well, then you need to get the dishes done.
Do the next thing in front of you.
Comb your hair. ( including at the back. Otherwise, you will end up being one of those old ladies who you see in a nursing home that looks like the wreck of the Hesperus. )
Put some pants on.
And get off CNN.
Chaos is addictive.
Get a patch and get yourself ‘off the chaos.
Work if you have it.
Smoke ’em if you got ’em. Listen to the wonderful singer LP sing about that and you feel better. Click here
Ya know when to hold up and fold up
Why? Because no matter how brilliant we are.
No matter how much we think we know.
Unless you just got a hot tip from your bookie you have no business walking around in the future.
And even if you could figure out the future, could you handle it anyway?
Because we are mere mortals.
Mortals need to stay in the day.
And so we are not saints.
At least I am not.
We do our best.
It is progress, not perfection.
         Progress, not perfection?
         Really, Deb? I think COVID has made you a granola head.
Okay, smartypants, what are you doing to stay sane?
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