Do you want to heal with your Mother?

Are you interested in discovering who your mom was before she gave birth to you?

Would you like a one-day writing workshop to gently explore that relationship?

Whether your Mom was good bad or fugly ( or a combo of all 3 ) it’s important that we deal with this subject. (Especially as writers.) It seems to be a very deep theme in many writers work.

And since this topic still confounds me, I thought I’d offer a workshop on the subject.

Rewriting Mother: April 27, 2019, 9-3. at The Commons.  College and Dovercourt, Toronto.

We will look at our mom’s influenced us. How did her presence or absence affect you? Who was this woman out in the world?  And, who was she before she had a family?

Since this is a short class, it will lighthearted, lots of fun and very safe.

And another thing, its open to all levels of writers!


$99.00 plus Tax!

$89.00 plus Tax ( Arts Workers and Loyalty Customers and People who subscribe to my newsletter)

So if you are interested please email me at to reserve a spot.  And then you can pay by Email Transfer.

And you know what would be nice? Share with someone who could benefit from this workshop.

And hey, if you sign up BEFORE April 1,2019 I will be able to fill this class and stop bugging you.



“Deborah’s writing class is like Yoga for your literal mind. Beginning writers will be encouraged to uncap the pen and seasoned writers will learn an arsenal of exercises to train their inner Flannery O’Connor. You will unlock the block by kicking doubt,  Deborah gets your butt in the chair and the ideas into ink.” Ben Jenkins, Gothic Novelist.

“It was truly one of the best classes I have ever taken. There was as much support as I wanted and lots of “takeaways” and things to ruminate on. Deb is a terrific teacher and knows her shit.” Lisa Merchant, Monkey Toast, Improv Teacher,

” It was one of the best classes I have ever taken. I am so grateful that you were my first writing teacher who showed me how to write creatively.  There were tips and tricks I have never thought of,  like writing for the seven minutes at a time. It made it manageable for me. It was so great. Thanks, so much.” Kamal Gill, Yoga Teacher and Health Practitioner.


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