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When we walked across the threshold of Mira’s Vintage Shop, a doorbell sound rings to let Mira, the owner know that a new customer has entered the shop. Mira’ store has been in the beaches for 19 years and has a sign that says so. My niece Emma, and I get together every few weeks for a meal and to window shop there. And by window shop I mean we always buy something. Mira sits behind the counter on a low stool, and with her arthritis it takes a minute for her to get up to greet us so, it always seems she pops up out of nowhere. Her poodle, Lily guards the place not so much by barking but by lying there with one eye open. If you look like you are ‘just browsing’ she goes back to sleep. On this day I have Burt my pup with me and Lily begins barking at him, not aggressively, but still making her presence known. “She just wants treats,” says Mira, handing him one from a bag and Burt lines up for his too. I apologize and tell her I can take Burt home but Mira says, “No. No. You see for a long time it was just Lily and me, then one day I was on the street and found this cat who was skinny and matted and so I brought him home, and fixed him up. I called him Simon. But the two of them fought a lot. So I had a talk with Lily and said Simon had a rough life and she must welcome Simon. So Lily stopped being aggressive, but Simon tried to hurt her so I talked to Simon the cat and said, “You are used to having to fend for yourself but you don’t need to do that-we are all family. And then before you know it Simon and Lily began to sleep together on the bed.”

Emma and I put our purchases on the cupboard assuming that was the end of the story.  But she continued,

“Then one night while letting Lily out to do her business a parrot walked by me! Just walking down Queen Street at 11 o’clock at night. It was such a strange site. I thought I must have been dreaming. Or was it the parrot that was sleep walking? It was winter, and too cold for anyone to be out for long let alone a parrot. So I wrapped the bird up in my coat and took him home. After I put up signs and after several days when no one responded I realized he was going to be with us for good. I was worried about Simon, because cats will kill a bird. But, Simon was fine, because I had talked to him, see. It was the parrot that got aggressive with the other two pets.

“So I sat down and had a talk with the parrot and said, “I found you walking on the street and now you are part of us. So you must get along. Then I named him Lucky George. And he was pretty lucky wasn’t he?”

She pushed the debit machine toward us. “Oh and I didn’t charge you HST.”

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