Yes, it’s harvest time and my brain is ready to be picked!

This Sunday October 17th at 10 a.m. est I offer my ONLY seven-week session this season. Check it out here!

And not to beat this metaphor to death but let me harvest those ideas from your head, and squash all your doubt with a horn-a-plenty of tips that professional writers use to get their story written.

Okay I will stop now but I have been having fun developing new exercises to inspire you to write your stories.

We will read other brilliant memoirsts to help inspire us,  learn the 3 things required for good memoir (scene, musing and summary.) But mostly I want to help write the story, the way you lived it, where you own the bravery and fierceness of your journey.

We have folks from around the globe, joining us in their Pj’s. Isla Mujera’s, Ireland, Rwanda and Napanee so far.’

Then I will teach a bit, you will have time to write, work together in breakout rooms  and you will have an opportunity to share if you feel comfortable.

We will learn how to shape your story, by story mapping, getting the physics right and by making sure your voice in the piece is strong.

We have a few spots left and I guarantee you its going to be fun!  Check it out here!