Omicron,  Record cases. Put your left foot in, put your left foot out, do the hokey pokey and pivot all about

Instead of watching case numbers rise why not pass the time by beginning to write your memoirs?

I have 2 great classes on tap this month!

Sunday January 9th: A Writing Comedy Masterclass 10am-12:30pm -90 minutes of tips, exercises and hands on coaching on how to make your blogs and stories funnier!! Even if you are not a writer, this class has lots of fun and laughter to boot!! And its only $30 Click here!

Sunday January 16th 7 Weeks of Writing in Your PJ’s Class. 10-12pm. This is almost full but if you sign up today you will receive the comedy class for free! Now that’s what I call a deal! Two spots left Click here!

Not into writing this winter? But your mood needs to pivot? Well I have many hilarious blogs and videos here to make even your S.A.D light smile!  New videos and stories monthly! Click here to join! 

This VIP membership will make you laugh and helps support my work since all live work has been cancelled!!

My new short story below: Frog, Dish. Shoe.