You need to wait until life slows down.
Till you get a new computer.
Till you get rid of the kids,
Or you get rid of that husband. 🙂
Yes, there are hundreds of excuses for not sitting down and writing those stories in your head.
Believe me, I’ve heard them all. (I likely have even used a couple myself. ūüôā
Some of you have written. But all you have managed are just bits and bytes of stories and you wonder are they any good?
Or will all those ideas be used for kindling on your funeral pyre?
Let me help you break out of your little kitty journal and take those ideas up a notch.
Sunday at Oct 17- Nov 29 show up in your PJ’s at 10 a.m. EST for the Seven-week fall session.
You will develop a practice that will let you get your stories going in short doable chunks of time.
It’s a part pep talk, part prompts and lots of prize-winning tips that will help you push past your doubt, create a compelling opener, dialogue that sounds the way real people talk and build a strong narrative of your life story- so people will see you the way you experienced life!
Learn from a coach with forty years of writing and coaching experience.
This class is healing, humorous and it’s safe and you will connect with a community of writers from around the world.
Plus, we do laugh a lot!!!

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