Deborah Kimmett is not just a funny face! She has a lot of wit and wisdom. Whether its one of her comedy performances and wise keynotes she will help you get your sense of humor back!


One Woman Show

Year of The Suddenly: ( Use image from Products page.)

Downward Facing Broad: Create a product and use me on couch (


Keynotes:  Pics of Me

How Improvisation Helps Business With Innovation.

“Remember the five-yearn plan? How about the 5 five minute plan.”  In this highly engaging presentation, Kimmett shows you how improvisational skills can help you adapt to new realities, what to do to set the environment for creativity and the key steps to move from an idea to implementation.

 Satisfied clients include: RBC, OMEC, BMO, Union Gas.


Say Yes to Move Forward ( Keynote and Workshop- Change, resilience,)

After you say YES, life gets interesting. What do You Need to move forward as a team?


That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Funnier. ( Entertaining Keynote)

This hilarious talk deals with the challenge of work/life balance. The key messages are about the power of yes, how to when it throws you a curve ball. Algonquin College’s Ladie’s Night Out. The Ontario Support Workers Conference, PEC Community Of Seniors, First Nations Port Hope, Ontario Youth and Child Workers, and International Women’s Day.(