Was 2024 the year you wanted to write your memoirs?

Are you a good writer but just need a coach with 40 years of experience to keep you inspired?

Would you like to be part of a community of like-minded writers from around the world?


Sunday, May 26-June 16 2024.

All classes start at  10 a.m. and till 1 pm EST

We start with music, prompts, an inspirational talk, and some on-the-spot coaching on your work. ( only if you want it) A safe space with a lot of laughter and a community of like-minded people from around the world.

Let me help you break open your story and shape your ideas into a story that you will be proud of and have your readers yelling, ‘More, please.”

Warning: You don’t need to be short or sweet to join!

Here are some of the nice things my students say!


“You have opened my heart and mind and made me find a part of myself through your writing classes.  Your generosity, humour and warmth made each class so special. I loved the camaraderie with the other writers. Your ability to facilitate a safe space allowed insecure people like me to share and enjoy the beauty of writing. Nargis Tarmohamed Investment Councillor.

“Deb’s session was a big gift I gave to myself.  I was treated to self-expression, creativity, and the sheer joy one gets from honestly sharing with like-minded people who just want to expand. It was like a mani-pedi for the mind. You’ll love it!” – Linda Kash, Actress and Writer
 “I love your on-line course and every year I treat it like a retreat. It feeds my soul and organizes my brain.” Judy Bierma, Cook, and Captain, Bahamas.
Deborah pulled the real story out of me as I resisted, squawked and tried to
hide. Deborah was full of praise so she gave me courage to writer but she would not give up on the real story I wanted to tell.” Marilyn Shannon. Psychic. Kingston.


“It was truly one of the best classes I have ever taken. There was as much support as I wanted and lots of “take aways” and things to ruminate on. Deb is a terrific teacher and knows her shit. “Lisa Merchant, IMPROV actress, Second City Teacher. Improviser for Monkey Toast, Toronto, Ontario.


Deborah’’s coaching is Yoga for your literal mind. Beginning writers will be encouraged to uncap the pen and seasoned writers will learn an arsenal of exercises to train their inner Flannery O’Connor. You will unlock the block by kicking doubt, it will train the writing “muscle” by accessing the senses, giving depth to your writing. Deborah gets your butt in the chair and the ideas into ink.” Ben Jenkins (poet,  Gothic novelist)

DJ086-RETOUCHEDDeb’s energy and commitment to her clients is inspiring and you come away with real tools to help you move forward in your writing and break through barriers and obstacles that block you. ” – Deborah Jarvis, Actress, TV writer.

me colour photoDeborah’s work is not just for those that want to write but also for those that want to connect to or express their inner self. I now know that I look for the story within and the more personal it is the more universal it is.” – Denise Gushue, Certified Travel Counsellor.